Mom Can’t Stop Losing Weight After Gastric Band Surgery And Has To Have It Removed

by Emerald Pellot
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Angela had struggled with her weight ever since she was a kid. Fed up, she began researching weight-loss surgery. Her doctor recommended gastric band surgery, which bands the stomach, preventing too much food from being absorbed.

During her first year, she lost 99 pounds. However, the weight wouldn’t stop coming off. Her bones began to become quite visible under her skin. Angela knew something had gone terribly wrong.

Doctors discovered the band was twisted around her entire stomach, meaning it wasn’t letting any food pass through. It was replaced with a smaller version, but after the birth of her daughter, it caused an infection that spread throughout Angela’s body.

Angela began to gain weight again. She put on 30 pounds. Her boyfriend told her that he wouldn’t propose to her because he thought she would go back to how she looked before. He even said that if he were blind, he would be proposing right now.

“Had I known what I know now — that I could control my weight through the diet that works for me, through fitness, through just paying attention to what I am eating and how much that I am eating…” she recalled.

Fortunately, Angela was able to ditch her loser boyfriend and control her weight with fitness and exercise. She was left with excess skin, so she wore a Shapewear bodysuit every day.

The Doctors agreed to provide Angela with free plastic surgery to finally remove the loose skin. Now, she can finally move on from this ordeal and stay healthy without invasive operations.

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