Man Is Hired To Locate Lost Wedding Ring, But Stumbles Upon A Different Piece Of Jewelry

by Jess Butler
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Gary Bonin is often found scanning the beach with his good old metal detector. One day, his metal detector gave him a bigger purpose.

Gary is a member of a group called the Ring Finders and has spent the past six years searching people’s missing jewelry. He was hired to find someone’s wedding ring that had been lost on Horseneck Beach in Massachusetts. In return, Gary accepted gas money or whatever kind of donation his clients were willing to give. Gary is not much of a taker, but he’s certainly a finder.

In the video below, posted on February 4, 2017, Gary explains, “You never know what you’re going to find.”

Then he whips out the red-and-gold 1998 Boston College class ring he located while searching for the wedding ring. “I was out there, probably in about waist-deep water,” he says.

He wears the class ring with the name Christopher P. Martin engraved on the inside. “I had to use a microscope because it looks like somebody tried to file his name out of the ring,” he says. “I’m not really sure why.”

His goal is to reunite the lost ring with its owner. “I mean, if I went to Boston College and I lost my college ring, I think I’d want it back.”

He’s already called Boston College, but says there was no luck in locating the owner. However, he is determined to return the ring, just as he has done with 15 other rings he dug up using his metal detector in the past.

He hopes to make this class ring his 16th reunion.

If you think you might know whom this college ring belongs to, let us know and please SHARE Gary’s story so he can complete his 16th ring reunion!

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