Garth Brooks Surprises Die-Hard Fan With Special Message After Cancer Takes Part Of Her Lung

by Mauricio Castillo
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The hit song “The River” by country star Garth Brooks is more than just a good tune for 50-year-old Mary Mascari.

To her, the song has been something to live by.

“It is a pretty special song. He probably knows the song has helped a lot of people,” the mom of three said in regards to Garth Brooks himself.

And Mary has needed the power of that song.

You see, Mary has been in a long battle with lung cancer, which was the same cancer that took both of her parents.

Garth’s famous song has been her anthem throughout.

For her birthday, Mary wanted to go to one of the shows of Garth Brooks’ World Tour.

But days before the concert was to take place, doctors had to remove part of her lung.

Leaving her house would prove to be practically impossible, but she still had faith.

“I can wobble in there with a pillow,” Mary said.

Garth learned about Mary and her story, so he sent her a special video message, one that brought Mary to tears.

“Hey Mary, honey, it’s Garth. I have heard about ‘The River’ and what it means to you and your father that you have lost. You will not have the same journey as your father,” he said in the heartwarming video.

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