‘Garfield’ Creator Ends Debate Over Whether Jon Drank Dog Semen In 1990 Comic: He Did Not

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Anyone who has ever flipped through the comic section of the newspaper knows the characters in Garfield.

The comic strip, which appeared in newspapers all around the country, features Jon Arbuckle, his cat, Garfield, and his dog, Odie. Jon has a longtime crush on Garfield’s veterinarian, Dr. Liz Wilson.

The comic is irreverent and goofy, and people everywhere love it.

One specific comic strip has confused fans for years, though. The scene takes place in Dr. Liz Wilson’s office, where Garfield has an appointment.

In the examination room, Jon sees a cup of what he thinks is coffee, and drinks it.

What he doesn’t realize is that the drink is not, in fact, coffee. But until now, nobody has known what was really in the cup.

After he drinks it, Liz says, “You are going to give birth to a fine, healthy litter of puppies.” This line has led many fans to believe Jon drank dog semen, but Garfield creator Jim Davis is finally clearing up the issue.

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Garfield, the world’s most widely syndicated comic strip, has fans everywhere.

Practically everyone on earth recognizes the bright orange cat and his family.

garfield strip

For years, one particular comic strip has baffled fans.

The scene shows Jon drinking something off Dr. Liz’s examination table, which leads her to joke that he’s pregnant with puppies.

garfield semen

The question everyone has been wondering is: did Jon drink dog semen?

Fans have debated this question for years, but never had an answer — until now.

cup of coffee

Let’s break down the scene frame by frame.

In the first image, Jon helps himself to a cup of “coffee” that’s just sitting on the exam table (hint: don’t do this).

jon drinking

After looking stunned at Jon’s actions, Dr. Liz smirks to herself.

“Congratulations, Mr. Arbuckle,” she says, while Jon polishes off what he thinks is coffee.

litter of puppies
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When Jon puts the cup down, Dr. Liz says, “You are going to give birth to a fine, healthy litter of puppies.”

Jon looks absolutely shocked and disgusted, worrying about what he could have possibly just consumed.

dog semen

Garfield readers have been so confused by this scene since it was published in the ’90s.

Obviously, drinking semen wouldn’t make Jon pregnant, but what else could he have consumed?

fertility garfield

Other fans have speculated that the substance Jon drank was actually dog hormones or some sort of dog fertility drugs.

But nobody has had a definitive answer. Until now.

jim davis

Jim Davis finally weighed in on the strip, which was first published on May 30, 1990. He told BuzzFeed News:

On the farm, we used to give first-calf heifers a high protein supplement to help them deliver healthier calves. This supplement was provided by our vet. 

I assumed that there would be a similar supplement for dogs. So Jon is drinking a protein-enriched drink formulated for a pregnant dog.

vitamins dog

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