Sanitation Worker Rescues Six Tiny Kittens Abandoned In A Dumpster

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

It’s just awful how callous people can be, with no thought to the harm their careless actions can really do.

It just hurts your heart to think about.

But even in the face of these misdeeds, when you’re feeling down, remember that there are plenty of good, kind people out there, too, making the world a little better one good deed at a time.

One of those people is William Grabill. Grabill is a waste management worker in Sacramento, and his morning had started off as usual, emptying bins of trash into the truck.

Then, he heard something.

It was the tiny, helpless meowing of six newborn kittens, their eyes still closed and their umbilical cords still attached, all alone in a dumpster full of tar and wood scrap.

Sadly, animals get stuck in the trash a lot, like the kitten who almost got swallowed up in a garbage truck if not for the quick thinking of another sanitation worker.

It’s possible that these cats were abandoned by a frightened mama cat, but it’s also possible that someone dumped them deliberately.

What matters now, though, is that the kittens are healthy and safe at the Sacramento SPCA (SSPCA), and they’ve even been reunited with their rescuer!

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Thumbnail Photo: Flickr/ Daniel R. Blume

While his work as a sanitation worker in Sacramento has probably led him to seeing some strange things, six newborn kittens were the last thing William Grabill expected to find in a dumpster one morning.

Grabill immediately scooped up the kittens and took them to the Sacramento SPCA (SSPCA) for care.

There, the kittens, who were still blind and still had their umbilical cords, were placed in the foster care of two SSPCA staffers, who were able to bottle-feed them and monitor their growth.

In time, they grew stronger and bigger, and their eyes opened.

It’s been a little over a month since they were rescued, and they’re doing very well!

And Grabill came back to check up on them, too. After all, you have to come back and see how your tiny rescues are doing!

One of the kittens was even named William in his honor.

“The first time I saw them, they didn’t even have their eyes open yet,” Grabill says. “It looks like they all turned out great.”

Grabill may adopt one of the kittens, but it’s unclear what exactly his plans are.

Whatever he decides, though, he’ll have to wait another month for the kittens to be old and strong enough to be adopted out.

Until then, they’ll live under the care of the SSPCA, getting lots of treats and cuddles.

Check out some of their first steps in the video below, and feel your heart melt at their tiny squeaks!

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