10 Facts About ‘Game Of Thrones’ That Will Take You Completely By Surprise

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

Game of Thrones is constantly at the top of lists of the most popular shows on television, but how much do you really know about it?

The show is well known for its mature content, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t also have substance — or its fair share of behind-the-scenes trivia.

It’s so easy to get invested in every aspect of this show. You love some characters, and you love to hate some characters. You mourn tragic and unexpected deaths, and you loathe when evil prevails.

Plus, there are dragons and mystical people — how can you go wrong?

These 10 bits of Game of Thrones trivia will give you even more insight into the show. I have to admit I never knew any of these fun facts about Game of Thrones!

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1. There Is An Unaired Pilot From 2009


The show’s creators filmed a pilot so bad, that selected viewers couldn’t even grasp that Jaime and Cersei were brother and sister. They scrapped the entire thing, did some rewriting, recasting, and regrouping, and gave it another go.

We all know how successful the second crack at the pilot was.

2. The Show Saved A Breed Of Pigs


Kenny Gracey, a farmer in Northern Ireland, has credited Game of Thrones with saving his rare breed of Iron Age pigs. Farming has become a very unprofitable business, but when the series needed animals to fit the time period, Kenny lucked out.

The funds he gets from casting his pigs, goats, sheep, and chickens on the show have literally saved his farm. He called it a “godsend” in an interview with the Belfast Telegraph.

3. Dothraki Is Now A Full Language


Linguist David Peterson has a comprehensive language course for Dothraki, the language he created for the show. Yep, you can learn how to speak as if you yourself were born in the Dothraki Sea!

4. Greyscale Is Based On Real-Life Diseases


The symptoms of leprosy certainly run parallel to the way skin turns scaly, causing the affected person to become an outcast when they get greyscale.

However, there’s another disease that will actually, in a way, turn a person to stone. Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva causes the bone repair process to go out of control, turning other muscles and tissue into bone as well, making it impossible to move.

One man, Harry Raymond Eastlack, had this disease to such an extent that he could only move his lips by the time he died at age 39.

5. Emilia Clarke Got Stuck To A Toilet After Eating The "Heart"


When Emilia’s character, Daenerys Targaryen, had to eat a horse heart, the actress ended up in quite the sticky situation. She was so covered in fake blood that she was sticking to everything, including a toilet seat!

While it wasn’t a real horse heart, the gummy-type candy heart covered in fake blood still had her heaving into a bucket between takes. Sounds like a very unpleasant day on set.

6. Jon Snow Was Almost Played By Iwan Rheon


Iwan, who is now well known for playing the loathsome Ramsay Bolton, was almost cast as Jon. While that role went to Kit Harington, Iwan can now say he is the most hated man on television. Well, his character is, at least.

7. Tyrion Lannister Doesn't Eat Any Meat

7. Tyrion Lannister Doesn't Eat Any Meat

Peter Dinklage is vegetarian, so all the meat Tyrion eats on the show is actually made of tofu or other non-animal products. The props crew certainly has their work cut out for them!

8. Many In The Cast And Crew Haven't Even Read The Books


While some have read the books, many of the actors and folks on set have refrained from reading ahead in the series. One of the reasons is to avoid spoilers, but it’s also to keep from getting too miffed about the deviation the show takes from the books upon which it is based, according to Vulture.

9. Daenerys’ Dragons Were Inspired By Geese


Creators of the creatures looked to the movements of geese, bats, and even cats when constructing the CGI dragons for Game of Thrones. Geese inspired the movement of the dragons when they are on the ground, while bats guided the way they appear while flying.

For when the dragons are calm or when Daenerys is lovingly stroking them, artists mimicked the behavior of house cats.

10. Arya Stark Was Maisie Williams' First Acting Role

10. Arya Stark Was Maisie Williams' First Acting Role

Can you imagine booking your first acting gig and all of a sudden rocketing to fame with one of the most watched TV shows on air? Before she was an actress, Maisie studied (and still studies) song and dance. She hopes that one day she can showcase those talents too!

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