I Made A Cute Galentine’s Day Gift For My Best Friends For About $25

by Karen Belz
Karen Belz has written for sites such as Bustle, HelloGiggles, Romper, and So Yummy. She's the mom of a sassy toddler and drinks an alarming amount of Sugar-Free Red Bull in order to keep up with her.

You have to give it up for Leslie Knope. Sure, she may be a fictional character from Parks & Recreation, a show that wrapped up back in 2015.

But unlike most fictional characters (aside from George’s father on Seinfeld, of course) she created a holiday that people will celebrate for years to come. It’s called Galentine’s Day, and it’s the best way to celebrate your gal pals. The right Galentine’s Day gift might change their entire view on February holidays.

Technically, it’s celebrated on February 13. But if you want to celebrate your friends on Valentine’s Day as well, more power to you. You can celebrate by going out to lunch with your friends, showering them with compliments, or just buying them some cute gifts.

The gifts themselves don’t need to be too expensive. I managed to put together a cute little arrangement that cost around $25.

It’s really important to celebrate the women in your life. Women are strong, powerful, and often stressed out because they’re juggling 15 things at once. Some women just assume it’s their “job” to do so. Rarely do they get celebrated or shouted out. That’s where you come in.

By giving a Galentine’s gift (or even just a card with some incredibly kind words written inside), you’re reminding your friends that they matter. You’re also strengthening your relationship, which is so important. Good friends can be hard to find, so you want to hold onto the people who make you happy.

That said, here’s how I constructed my Galentine’s Day gift.

Narwhal Mug

galentines day
Karen Belz/LittleThings

I instantly fell in love with this narwhal mug at Walgreens, and thought it’d be the perfect receptacle for a lot of other fun Galentine’s Day gifts. The bad thing is, it seems like I wasn’t alone — this was the last one left, at $5.99. So, check the holiday aisle in your local store.

That said, Walgreens has a bunch of other incredible mugs. Or, if you want to stick with the narwhal (just not the one pictured above) there’s one that heavily resembles it on Wayfair. The bonus is that it’s currently on sale.

Shop Now: Narwhal Mug ($10.99, Wayfair)

Peanut Butter M&Ms

galentines day gift
Karen Belz/LittleThings

Listen — I’m not going to argue with you all. But peanut butter M&Ms are the best. That said, you can obviously find a variety of M&M that suits each friend. But unless that person has a known nut allergy, peanut butter is a great fallback. They’re also available pretty much everywhere.

Shop Now: Peanut Butter M&Ms ($2.98, Walmart)

'The Perfect Man' Chocolates

galentine's day gift
Karen Belz/LittleThings

On the topic of chocolates, these would be a lot of fun for any single, straight girlfriends that you have. Size-wise, they’re also perfect if you need a chocolate fix but don’t want to demolish an entire candy bar. You can find the bite-sized version in stores for around $2. Walgreens also sells a bigger version for $4.99 — but unfortunately for me, it wouldn’t fit in a mug.

Shop Now: Perfect Man Chocolates (prices vary, Walgreens)

Face Mask

galentine's day gift
Karen Belz/LittleThings

Face masks are amazing. They’re perfect little ways to treat yourself without a lot of fuss. This mud mask is tiny, fits well in a mug, and is bound to give the BFF a beautiful glow. Any face mask will do. I picked up this Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus mud mask at a store, but if you’re shopping on Amazon, TonyMoly also sells a fun mask set that can be split up among friends.

Shop Now: Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Mask ($2.99, Walgreens)

Almay Lip Oil

galentine's day gift
Karen Belz/LittleThings

Listen up — this product is amazing. Especially if you’ve got cracked lips due to the weather. This is the perfect combination of lip therapy and lip color. And, the package offers a great shine that’ll make any friend of yours feel special and pampered.

Shop Now: Almay Color & Care Lip Oil ($7.99, Amazon)

Jelly Bellys

galentine's day gift
Karen Belz/LittleThings

Finally, I picked up some Jelly Belly candies. And, OK — I get it. This won’t fit in a mug. But, I absolutely had to. The display was perfect, and a great addition for friends of mine who aren’t into chocolate. Honestly, these can be presented on their own, or swapped for something else. Galentine’s Day is a great candy holiday.

Shop Now: Jelly Belly Love Box ($4.99, Target)

A Thoughtful Card

galentine's day

I didn’t include a card in my gift, but it’s always a smart idea. For some people, words matter way more than material items. If your friend has changed your life or is someone you aspire to be more like, tell them in a card. Walgreens has a great selection. And, prices do vary — so, you can find one that fits your individual budget.

Shop Now: Googly-Eye Dog Card ($6.99, Walgreens)

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