Actress Throws On Her ‘Wonder Woman’ Costume To Film, Despite Being 5 Months Pregnant

by Jess Butler
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Although she is an actress who plays one of the world’s favorite superheroes, Gal Gadot showed off her own super powers in real life.

The 31-year-old mom revealed that she was five months pregnant during reshoots for the 2017 Wonder Woman film!

She was already pregnant during her original shoot for Wonder Woman, but by the time reshoots rolled around, her stomach had gotten bigger and her bump had to be hidden.

Wonder Woman producer Chuck Rover told 

: “Part of what we were doing was augmenting some of the final action piece. She couldn’t do a huge amount of physical activity, but she was being aggressive. She still had to be fierce. That was special. I’ve been doing this for a while, but I’ve never that had that experience before.”

Luckily, Gal and her Wonder Woman team were able to disguise her baby bump and cut into her superhero suit to capture all of the perfect shots they needed.

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Thumbnail Photo: Instagram / gal_gadot

"Wonder Woman" actress Gal Gadot takes a selfie.

Gal Gadot had already played Wonder Woman in Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016. It was only natural that she continued playing her character in the film Wonder Woman.

Little did everyone know, she was pregnant when she was filming!

Wonder Woman in costume.

Luckily, Gal wasn’t far along enough for her bump to show in her costume. Her growing belly was pretty much undetectable during the original shoot. But once she had to do reshoots a few months later, things took a different turn.

Gal Gadot shoot "Wonder Woman".

According to Entertainment Weekly, the 31-year-old mom “returned to Leavesden Studios outside London to finish some reshoots.”

They add that “her baby bump was no longer inconspicuous, so costumers cut an ample triangle from the front of her suit, replacing it with a bright green cloth that would allow the special effects department to alter her figure in postproduction.”

Gal wasn’t shy about sharing some other behind-the-scenes magic.

Gadot acts in a battle scene.

In the same article, Gal explains, “On close-up I looked very much like Wonder Woman. On wide shots I looked very funny, like Wonder Woman pregnant with Kermit the Frog.”

Thanks to strategic angles during her reshoots, nobody suspected a thing!

So, Gal got back to work.

She continued performing and shooting the same kinds of action scenes for her viewers to enjoy. In postproduction, her crew was able to tie together the older and newer shots to create a smooth finish to the film.

Then, it was time for another big moment in Gal’s life.

Gal was just about ready to pop. Finally, this real-life Wonder Woman welcomed a super baby into the world.

Real life Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, has her baby.

On March 20, 2017, Gal and her husband, Yaron Versano, welcomed a baby girl. In her Instagram post, Gal says, “And then we were four… She is here, Maya. I feel so completely blessed and thankful for all the Wonders in my life.”

So here’s to this real-life Wonder Woman, who returned to the set and worked with her growing belly to put out one of the year’s longest-awaited films!

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