15 Surprising Things Your Hand Says About You, According To A 1930s Palm Reader

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

According to Gabriel Dee, a respected astrologer and palm reader from the 1930s, there are various aspects of our hands that can say a whole lot about a person’s life and character.

Palmistry is the study of not just the lines on the palms of our hands, but also the features of the entire appendage. Although I’ve never been to a palm reader in person, I’ve always loved reading up on the fascinating subject.

Take a look below to see if her interpretations are correct by using your left hand — because, as she claims, “the left hand is what you’re born with, the right is what you make of it.”

I have to admit, she nailed more than a few of my own qualities!

It’s actually kind of spooky.

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1. Life Line

gabriel dee reading life line

According to Gabriel, a strong and healthy person has the line sweeping across down to the ball of their thumb. If it is also long and clearly marked, they should also have a long life with good health.

A weakly marked line that’s closer to the thumb, however, indicates poor health and a short life.

If it sweeps out across palm, the person will be well traveled — and also likely die while abroad.

2. Straight Head Line

gabriel dee reading head line

This indicates a person will make a good businessman or woman with a shrewd nature and plenty of practical common sense.

3. Curved Head Line

gabriel dee reading head line

If the head line bends down across the palm, the person is more artistic with creative ability, imagination, and intuition.

However, Gabriel warns that those whose line curves all the way down they are likely prone to “artistic temperament” and “fits of depression.”

4. Heart Line

gabriel dee reading heart line

If this is more deeply marked than the head line, your heart probably rules over your head when it comes to making decisions in life.

5. Girdle Of Venus

gabriel dee reading girdle of venus

Not everyone has this line, but it apparently indicates someone who is a bit too passionate and given to several love affairs.

If it appears under the first finger, the person is more “dictatorial” in a relationship. If it’s found starting under the second finger, they are more obedient instead.

Gabriel also claims that folks with this line going straight across rather than curving are more prone to jealousy and even potentially violent.

6. Mount Of Venus

gabriel dee reading mount of venus

This in connection with the “girdle” indicates the number of love affairs those passionate people will have over the years.

7. Small Lines Across Heart Line

gabriel dee reading lines on heart line

These little dashes indicate someone who is especially fickle when it comes to romance and, as Gabriel says, “incapable of sincere love.”

8. Fate Line

gabriel dee reading fate line

Starting at the bottom of the palm, if this line is clear and strong going up toward the fingers the person will have a fortunate life.

Finding breaks in this line indicates bouts of bad fortune.

9. Island In Fate Line

gabriel dee reading island on fate line

Gabriel claims that the middle of the palm indicates a person’s fate at 35-years-old.

With that in mind, you can track at what point in your life bad luck will occur based on where any island of lines appear in the fate line.

9. Well-Balanced Hand

gabriel dee well balanced hand

The middle finger should be the same length as the palm in order to indicate a well-balanced and “normal” life.

11. Characteristics Of The Top Joints

gabriel dee knobbly top joints

Bumpy or “knobbly” knuckles mean a person possesses very good reasoning powers and attention to detail.

12. Characteristics Of The Middle Joints

gabriel dee knobbly middle joints

If the middle knuckles are more bumpy, the person is said to have powers of management, authority, and be very capable of running business — or ruling other people.

13. Characteristics Of Index Finger

gabriel dee index finger interpretation

Using her own finger, Gabriel claims that a straight and upright index finger will appear on those who also have a straight and upright character.

If the index finger leans forward, the person will be a natural leader. Index fingers that lean back indicate someone who is a bit irresponsible and lets others take care of their dirty business.

14. Gambling Luck

gabriel dee gambling hand

If your third finger is as long as the middle, Gabriel claims you’re someone who just can’t resist gambling.

Those folks should also pay close attention to their little finger, too. If it sits high up on the hand, the person should always win their bets. Little fingers sitting lower on the hand means they are more likely to lose and should probably steer clear of the casino.

15. Characteristics Of The Thumb

gabriel dee interpreting thumb

If you have a wide, right angle between your thumb and the other fingers, as Gabriel shows above, that will indicate you’re a generous person.

Someone with the top of their thumb curling around means a spendthrift, or prone to extravagance.

Thumbs that sit nearer the fingers show a person is more economical in nature.

As for the joints, a “well-developed” top joint indicates strong willpower, while the other joint shows reason.

Was Gabriel right about the characteristics of your hand and personality?

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