‘Precious’ Star Gabby Sidibe Gets Secret Weight-Loss Surgery, Shows Off Her Transformation

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

The world first fell in love with Gabby Sidibe in 2009 when she starred in Precious, a breakout role that earned her an Academy Award nomination.

Gabby tried for many years to lose weight; she was already dieting by the time she was 6. However, her size has never stopped her from exuding an incredible sense of self-confidence. And for a plus-size actress in Hollywood, that’s a very powerful thing.

Gabby continued acting over the years, but the current Empire star never addressed plans to lose weight. However, her most loyal fans can’t help but notice she’s been looking quite different as of late.

After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, 33-year-old Gabby quietly turned to laparoscopic bariatric surgery, a procedure in which 80 percent of the stomach is removed.

Though she hasn’t revealed how much weight she has lost so far, some speculate it’s as much as 100 pounds.

Gabby has taken to social media to show off her ongoing transformation. She also wrote a memoir entitled This Is Just My Face: Try Not To Stare, which discusses depression and weight, among other themes.

“If I could just get the world to see me the way I see myself,” she writes, “would my body still be a thing you walked away thinking about?”

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