Actress Gabourey Sidibe Hates Getting Dressed For The Red Carpet: ‘I Know I’ll Get Made Fun Of’

by Morgan Greenwald
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Surviving as an actress in Hollywood requires a lot of self-confidence and tenacity. And with millions of people watching your every move, sometimes the pressure becomes too much, even for Hollywood’s strongest actresses.

Precious actress Gabourey Sidibe is known for her ability to not obsess about what everyone has to say about her. However, in an interview at the 2018 MAKERS Conference in Hollywood this week, the actress admitted that even she has her moments of insecurity.

“It’s really hard to get dressed up for award shows when I know I’ll get made fun of because of my weight,” Gabourey said, according to Us Weekly. “If I wear purple, somebody will call me Barney. If I wear white, a frozen turkey. If I wear red, a pitcher of Kool-Aid. These are actual tweets I’ve gotten.”

Gabourey added, according to “It’s what I deal with every time someone takes a picture with me. Sometimes when I’m being interviewed by a fashion reporter, I can just hear their inner dialogue: ‘How is she getting away with it? Why is she so confident? How does she deal with that body? Oh my god that body! Holy s*** I’m going to catch fat!'”

During the interview, Gabourey revealed that the question she gets asked most often is “How are you so confident?” But she doubts skinnier celebrities are asked the same thing.

“I always wonder if that’s the first thing they ask Rihanna when they meet her,” Gabourey said. “Of course not. Everybody knows why Rihanna’s confident. She’s beautiful.”

Despite the trolls that try to bring her down, Gabourey refuses to back down.

“I live my life because I’m here, I dare to show up still when anyone else might hide their face and their entire body in shame, I show up because I want to have a good time.”

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