This Futuristic Tiny House Takes Off-The-Grid Living To The Absolute Extreme

by Phil Mutz
Phil is an Editor at LittleThings. He loves writing and the outdoors. You can often find him at the movies or the park.

Tiny houses are my absolute favorite.

Honestly, I could look at tiny houses all day long. There are just so many to choose from.

I know some people prefer the more rustic houses or cleverly converted homes, like the old van that was converted into a mobile tiny home.

But I think my favorites are those that are a bit more futuristic. I love the ones that combine sleek, forward-thinking design with the clever space-saving ideas that define most tiny homes. So naturally when I saw this tiny house, I had to find out more.

The clever minds at Nice Architects have truly come up with one of the most original tiny homes I’ve ever seen.

They have invented the tiny home of the future.

This egg-shaped house is known as the Ecocapsule and is designed especially to support living in nearly any condition, whether in the wilderness or in an urban environment. And when I saw all of its incredible and futuristic features? I couldn’t believe it!

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Designed by the clever minds at Nice Architects in Bratislava, Slovakia, the goal of the Ecocapsule is to be entirely self-powering to make it capable of functioning completely off the grid.


The outside body of each Ecocapsule is covered with solar panels and features a retractable pole that acts as a wind turbine to collect wind energy. Amazingly, the solar and wind energy is stored in high-capacity batteries to keep the Ecocapsule running for long periods of time.


The designers of the Ecocapsule seem to have thought of everything. They say that the home's "spherical shape is optimized for collection of rainwater and dew and the built-in filters allow you to utilize any water source."


Nice Architects have created this futuristic home to house two adults, complete with a folding bed, a dining area, a hot shower, a flushable toilet, a kitchenette with running water, and 86 square feet of space.

Ecocapsule interior

Designing with a wilderness environment or tough terrain in mind, the architects included plenty of storage space to store extra food, sporting and camping goods, or research equipment.

Ecocapsule layout

The architects are even planning to offer customized interiors down the line, as well as a "camper version" due out in 2016 so that the Ecocapsule can travel on its own.

Ecocapsule interior

Though prototypes currently exist, Ecocapsules are not yet ready to start shipping around the world. Once they do start going out at the beginning of 2016, the designers say these futuristic egg homes can be "shipped, airlifted, towed, or even pulled by a pack animal."

Ecocapsule on truck

The designers just unveiled the Ecocapsule prototype at the end of May at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna where startups, entrepreneurs, and investors gather to share the year's most exciting innovations.

Ecocapsules on beach

The price for the 3,300-pound mini home has not yet been revealed, but the architects are hoping that Ecocapsules appeal to all kinds of people around the globe. The designers say that they "create out of love and never make something that does not make sense."

Ecocapsules on rooftops

"We love to produce surprising ideas, optimistic visions, lifeful strategies and innovative projects. We combine beauty, functionality and humanity into one complex entity."


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