11 Photos Of Police And Military Dogs Showing How Badass And Cute They Can Be

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

Police dogs, trained military pups, and all the other dogs in the world with actual jobs have to remain both serious and attentive while they’re on the clock.

Still, that doesn’t mean that they don’t get a chance to be loving, sweet, and silly with their handlers when the moment is right. Heck, the handlers of these dogs often have a hard time keeping a straight face when they’re working alongside their canine colleagues.

These 11 hilariously adorable photos will make you seriously appreciate the work that the incredible dogs out there do on a regular basis. They spend so much time risking their lives on the job working alongside police or the military, still, it’s important to remember that these dogs need to have fun and get hugs and kisses just like any other dog.

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choco lab

This pup has only got love to give, and it’s taking everything this officer has to try and remain professional.


bomb sniffing

This rocket sniffing dog has been aboard Air Force One, but during this moment he was more concerned with saying hello to this new friend.



Police officers need love too, and this dog knows it better than anyone.


explosive detection

This special moment between a marine dog handler and his trained pooch is almost too much to handle. Their jobs aren’t easy or risk free by any means, but they are always there to comfort each other.



This police pooch was either looking for a bit of shade, or getting ready to protect his trainer from someone very menacing.



Graduating from the police academy is a great excuse to break form and go in for a big hug and maybe even a smooch.



This thirsty German Shepherd gets to drink right alongside his handler. Clearly, there’s no hierarchy in this partnership.



Just look at this pup’s face. How can you not smile?


good boy

This pup’s all business, look at those pointed ears listening for instructions. What a good boy!



It may be this dog’s job to track down suspects by their scent for the FBI, but she’s not afraid to let loose after business hours.



Sgt. Adam Serella and his dog Nero found time to do a little bonding while on duty back in 2012.

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