12 Brutally Honest Notes From Kids That Are Sure To Make You Belly Laugh

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

Children are a blessing, as they say.

However, sometimes that blessing comes in a fiery little package that’s not afraid to tell it to ya’ how it is.

You know what kind of kid I’m talking about, don’t you?

Some children, who haven’t learned to filter their thoughts before they weigh the consequences, are very outspoken. I was not one of them, so when I see one who does say exactly what’s on his or her mind, it gives me an extra little chuckle.

These 12 funny notes from kids are written by some of those very opinionated and outspoken children. They’re sure to get a laugh out of you as well. Letters from little ones all flustered over a ruling by their parents, to half-hearted apologies to peers, these notes scrawled by small hands are all priceless.

Honestly, if I were the parent of any of these children, I’d have the notes framed in a heartbeat.

Has your child or grandchild ever written a letter like these?

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mom doesnt like you

Sometimes it’s best if the truth comes out from your adorable, brutally honest children.



Hey, 4:30 a.m. is pretty darn late for a kid in middle school.



I guess Mom must have revoked dessert privileges or something of equally punishable caliber.


i will not

For a second grader, Julian is already quite the nihilist. This lunchtime note is still pretty gosh darn funny though.



There are many reasons to love Mom, but I suppose this comes to mind first for some kids!


dad for sale

“Dad for sale. Cost $one”

Why, that’s a steal! I wonder what’s wrong with him?



This leaves me wondering what “Camron” did to deserve such a drastic measure.



“Dear Ashely,
Please be my girlfriend, I like you a lot.”

“No. I’m sorry I already have a boyfriend Kyle but when we break up your my next choice.
P.S. that will probably be in a month or two.”

Gee, Ashely. That’s brutal.



She’s got sass all the way from camp!



“I am running away becas you think I farted when I dident. PS you are mean.”

Honestly, this is a valid reason to want to run away.



Whoever said that the love between a child and their parent is unconditional seems to have been mistaken. I wonder why it only dropped 9% and not the full 10.


not sorry

This is certainly one way to apologize…I suppose.

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