12 Funny Ways Doctors Have Tried To Put Their Patients At Ease

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

Going to the doctor can be an unpleasant task. For those who get a little squeamish, a good laugh really helps to ease the tension.

Some lucky patients get just that whenever they head to their medical professional.

Just because someone is responsible for your health and well-being doesn’t mean that he or she can’t also have a sense of humor.

These 12 funny doctors and other medical professionals all have their own ways of making patients laugh. Whether it be wearing a funny costume to the office, or leaving silly infographics out in various places throughout the facility, all of these MDs have brightened a vast amount of days with their shenanigans.

Has your doctor ever done anything like this to make you laugh during one of your visits? Which of these put a smile on your face?

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Thumbnail Source: Public Domain Pictures


tooth fairy

If my dentist dressed like this when I was little, maybe I wouldn’t have been so afraid of those loud tools. Heck, if he did today, it would still help!



I’m not quite sure a mother-to-be who’s in labor would find this funny in the moment, but certainly in retrospect. Hats off to the silly doc who decided to put up these “push” signs.



“Waiting is good. It means you are not going to die. The person you need to feel sorry for is the one who gets rushed into the ER and treated first.”

Sometimes you need the little message (from a dinosaur) to count your blessings, even if it means waiting to see a doctor for hours upon hours.



This chart at the OBGYN may actually be helpful, but it’s also pretty great for a good ol’ laugh while you wait for your doctor to come examine you.



Giving a “sample” at the fertility doctor can be a bit uncomfortable, but when the doctor commissions a sink that looks like this? A good laugh will definitely put everybody at ease.


wheres waldo

Ah, finally! Haven’t you always wanted to have something to look at while staring at the ceiling at the dentist? This office has a full Where’s Waldo light installed for just that purpose!



Well, that’s one way to get your attention about an important topic. Hanging this poster was a great choice.



The final question reads: “If you had a male resident, please rate the appearance of his mustache.” I like to see a bit of humor in my doctors. Funny folks are just more trustworthy, mustachioed or not.



As a self-diagnosed hypochondriac, I don’t even want to know how many times patients try to diagnose themselves. This friendly reminder from Batman is enough to make even the most anxious people chuckle.


monster spray

“Monster Spray?” Maybe I would have been able to sleep without a night light if my doctor had written me a prescription for this as a kid.



I mean, the lollipop is pretty great too.



When your doctor shows up to your appointment dressed as a pirate, you know you’ve chosen the right doctor.

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