14 Funny Church Signs That Will Totally Make Your Day

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

Whenever I’m driving around my hometown, I always know I’ll get a chuckle while passing by a church in our community that’s notorious for their hilariously clever signs.

Most of us think of houses of worship as strictly business, but plenty of them are clearly capable of exercising their funny bone, as you’ll see in the creative church signs below that folks spotted in their neck of the woods.

It’s always nice to see that on top of their weekly services and acts of kindness for their neighbors, there are those who can also embrace their sense of humor. After all, it’s that much easier to convince someone to come inside if they’ve already got a smile on their face!

Does your church get silly with their signs? Or do you have one in your town you know will always give you a giggle?

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church sign

Now this is some expert-level poetry if you ask me.


church sign

You can’t deny this solid logic.


church sign

They really should have paid better attention to the fine print!


church sign

Their cup runneth over quite enough.


church sign

Looks like the sign guy at this church is a Star Wars fan.


church sign

Admit it, this totally got “All About That Bass” in your head, didn’t it?


church sign

They might be paraphrasing, but I think the sentiment definitely holds up.


church sign

They can’t all be zingers, but this totally gets the point across anyway.


church sign

I have a feeling they had a similar sign during the cold winter months.


church sign

I think Maury himself would be proud of the clever person behind this hilarious sign.


church sign

Some churches even give out free samples of crackers and grape juice too.


church sign

A not-so-subtle reminder for those who “forget” to attend in between the holidays.


church sign

Just imagine a world without these pesky pests swarming around every summer.


church sign

It’s always good to have a goal in life, y’know?

Have you seen any signs that are even more hilarious around your town? Or does your church like to mix in some jokes on their signs too?

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