She Pours Sprinkles Into A Mason Jar To Make An Adorable Home Accent

by Cassandra Morris
Cassandra is the Senior Editor of Original Content. She loves sweet tea, binge-watching Antiques Roadshow, and petting puppies.

When looking to unwind after a stressful day, I find there’s nothing better than taking a nice bath, slipping into my pajamas, and kicking back on my couch.

But no relaxing evening would be complete without one final touch: lighting a few of my favorite scented candles. The warm, fragrant glow perfectly complements a nice glass of wine and my favorite TV show.

However, scented candles — especially those in the bigger sizes — tend to be really pricey. And as often as I use them, I really can’t afford the big, brand name splurges; it feels like I’m burning up my money, literally!

That’s why I can’t wait to try this DIY project. I had no idea it was so easy to make my own candles — especially in delicious scents like Funfetti! Not only will this smell delicious, but it looks absolutely adorable!

What’s more, vanilla is said to have soothing, antidepressant properties — and what can be more uplifting or relaxing than a candle that smells like a sweet slice of festive cake?

Will you be giving this a try at home? After picking up some wax chips, I’ll definitely be giving this a shot! I think I’ll make a few extras and give them as gifts later.

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