Newborn Passes Away And 10 Years Later His Little Brother Holds Fundraiser To Honor Him

by Emerald Pellot
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Mason Sabin never met his older brother, Ethan. The 8-year-old from Phoenix just knows that he was gone to soon.

Ethan died when he was 15 days old in 2008. He had heart disease, a condition Mason never wants anyone to lose their life to again.

“He had a bad, bad disease and he was trying to stay alive, and everyone tried to help him,” Mason told KNXV Phoenix.

Now, Mason has partnered with the American Heart Association to raise money for babies with similar heart problems.

“The grief process is difficult, and this is the first time I feel like I could share Ethan with the world,” said his mother, Lisa.

Mason is calling the fundraiser “Hoops Helping Hearts,” since it will use his love of basketball to help sick children.

“Since my brother and lots of other babies had heart diseases like that, I thought it would be a good way to help them and raise money,” Mason said.

Lisa, who waited 10 years to talk about the heartbreaking loss of her son, is proud that Mason came up with the special idea to honor him this way.

“I couldn’t be prouder. This is Ethan’s 10th birthday… this is heart month. Everything just feels right about it,” Lisa said.

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Footage and photo provided by KNXV Phoenix

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