14 Fun Manicure Designs That Scream ‘Springtime’ And Are Totally On Trend

by Angela Andaloro

There’s no reason not to look your best, even when you’re social distancing. Sure, your nails might only get seen in video chats and selfies these days.

Still, that’s no reason not to take care of them. Taking little acts of self-care is also important to keep up your mood, so what better time to try a new manicure style?

Springtime manicures are so much fun. There’s the return of cute colors after months of darker-colored nail art. There are endless opportunities for embellishments, from glitter to florals and everything in between.

Some people are fans of simple pastels. Others get really into detailed designs.

Regardless of your tastes, there is a spring or Easter-themed style out there that you’re sure to love. To get the creative juices flowing, we’ve compiled some of the cutest springtime manicures we’ve seen so far. You’ll be surprised what you can accomplish with a few bottles of polish and a whole lot of inspiration!

The simple pastel blue in this manicure brings all your attention to that super-trendy accent nail. The see-through look is one we’ve recently seen grow in popularity. The butterfly-shaped glitter is the perfect detail to really bring this manicure into spring.

This nude base is the perfect starting layer to get creative on. This artist decided to take the ever-popular marble look and bring it just about halfway down the nail. To make it really pop, ink brush pens add a metallic gold to make it shine.

If you love Easter candy, this look is just for you! Speckled eggs are some of the most classic treats of the season, so it only makes sense that the look translates in nail art. It’s an absolutely adorable and simple way to step up an otherwise simple manicure.

This look illustrates a simple way to bring springtime to your manicure. The calming green color definitely gives some nods to florals. Complete it by adding simple flower silhouettes to an accent nail and feel festive.

If you’re a pattern pro, you can really find a way to make themes shine. This artist incorporated spring with chicks, eggs, and petals. It may seem intimidating, but practicing both on and off your nail can help make it possible for you to achieve a similar look.

Ombre has been a big look in nail art for a while now. While some are fans of drastic color transitions, this springtime look is much more muted but still stunning. It’s a beautiful way to rock a multicolor pastel look.

Adding a stripe to your average manicure is a simple way of making it pop! The curved line in this manicure also elongates the nail. That makes it a great pick for those who are struggling to grow out their natural nails.

Exploring springtime patterns can be a lot of fun. Polka dots are very playful to begin with, but adding that bunny accent nail right next to it ups the ante. The contrast between the colors also draws attention to the most detailed nails.

Metal accents from gold to chrome are having a major moment right now. The metal accents catch the sunshine in the best way and make your nails really pop. They give your nails an edgier look without taking away from that softness that spring brings.

Bring the spirit of egg dyeing and decorating to your nails! The patterns you’d normally use to celebrate Easter translate beautifully to nail art. It’s a simple and enjoyable way to keep yourself in the festive spirit.

Florals in spring aren’t quite groundbreaking, but the many ways to go about them are! This manicure helps achieve the illusion of a field full of sunflowers by showcasing different parts of a flower on each one. Take the technique and apply it to your favorite flower for a unique spring look.

This look is so effortless and flawless, we’re mad we didn’t try it first! Lines provide an interesting canvas for your nail art. This look takes the idea and makes the lines the art themselves. The colorful transitions are fun and add dimension.

Spring is all about new life. There are any number of cute creatures you can choose to showcase, but these monarch butterfly nails take it to the next level. The differing thicknesses in the line make the design that much more authentic.

April showers bring May flowers, and let’s face it, we’re all feeling a little blue. Embrace what it is and dance in the rain with a nail style that shows it. Even the little rain cloud can’t help but crack a smile, and so should you!