Two North Carolina Women Are Sewing ‘Batwraps’ For Fruit Bats Injured In Australian Bushfires

by Angela Andaloro

Wildlife has taken a tremendous hit since wildfires ravaged parts of Australia. We’ve seen a lot of footage of koalas and kangaroos being rescued and rehabilitated, but another community has taken a large hit.

Fruit bats, or flying foxes, were an endangered species before the wildfires began. In the months before the fires, the fruit bat population was taking a hit due to extreme temperatures. The fires made matters worse, destroying many of the trees the animals relied on for food.

Two North Carolina women are doing their part to help the fruit bats recover from the fires. Sara Watkins and Lara Watson are working to sew little bat wraps that are used to rehabilitate injured bats.

The wraps are used for orphaned baby bats.

“If a mama bat drops her baby, she doesn’t necessarily go back to get it,” Lara explained in footage provided by Fox 8. “So when all the bats are fleeing from the wildfires, they have a lot of orphaned babies that get left behind in the chaos.”

The wraps are designed to provide comfort to the baby bats. “It simulates the mama’s body. So you lay the little bat on there, and they wrap around them to simulate the wings,” added Sara.

The ladies have perfected their own patterns for the wraps and determined that cotton flannel provides the most comfort.

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