Teen Jumping Onto Ice-Covered Trampoline Becomes Instant Internet Sensation

by Emerald Pellot
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Michelle Blackmann McNew’s son and his friend recently got into a bit of trouble with an ice-covered trampoline.

Dylan McNew, who’s in the eighth grade, decided it would be a good idea to jump onto the frozen trampoline while his friend Brody Berryman recorded the stunt.

“I couldn’t see the whole thing,” Dylan told the Springfield News-Leader. “After I jumped, I felt the ice break and cover me. It was pretty cool.”

A video of the slow motion shot showed the ice shatter and create a spiderweb-like pattern before gathering at the center of the trampoline. It was stunning and strangely mesmerizing.

Fortunately, no one was hurt by the impromptu stunt. In fact, Dylan is smiling ear-to-ear by the end of the video.

“He’s a little nut, but I just pray a lot,” Michelle said. “He’s a little daredevil.”

While the mom was disapproving at first, she was impressed after seeing the video. After all, who wouldn’t be at least a little charmed by the fearless kid?

“I just said, ‘Wow, that was pretty awesome,'” she said.

Dylan insists that it didn’t hurt, and that it wasn’t even that cold.

“It was a little bit scary, but I thought it would be fun,” he said.

Since he posted the video online, it has been viewed more than half a million times.

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Footage and photo provided by KYW Philadelphia

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