Embryo Frozen For 9 Years Is Thawed And Implanted In Adoptive Mom Who Gives Birth To Baby Boy

by Emerald Pellot
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Oliver is a happy, healthy baby boy. However, his origins aren’t quite like other kids, as Oliver was a frozen embryo for nine years.

His biological parents donated their embryos to adoptive parents Janeen and Dave Hergert. One of those embryos had to be thawed and implanted into Janeen.

“I can’t imagine that it’s an easy decision to give your babies essentially to someone else, but I’m so glad they gave their embryos a chance at life, and they gave us our chance for our miracle,” Janeen told WKBW.

Janeen and Dave tried for years to have their own children. Before undergoing a fourth round of IVF, they heard about embryo donation through their fertility center, CNY Fertility Center.

“We ended up with five embryos from the same family, and those embryos were created in 2007. They were frozen for nine years already,” explained Janeen. “We ended up transferring one, and that is our son Oliver. ”

The couple will be holding onto the other four embryos to create Oliver’s siblings in the future. In New York, where the family is from, thousands of embryos are being stored at fertility centers. Often families have no interest in using them but are hesitant to donate them to strangers.

“It really is giving the gift of life,” said Dr. Robert Kiltz of CNY. “We donate kidneys and parts of livers, and bone marrow and blood. And I think what better thing to do in life than give life?”

The Hergert family wants others to know that their embryo donations can change people’s lives, and they’re the perfect example of that.

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Footage and photo provided by WKBW Buffalo

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