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Sad Dog Frowns In Shelter, But Can’t Stop Smiling When Forever Family Adopts Him

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

When I first went to the animal shelter with my mom and brother, we saw a white pup huddled in her kennel.

She looked sad and lethargic, and our hearts melted.

The second she realized she was going to stay in our house, her personality completely changed. She became a ball of energy for the next 14 years.

Just like my dog, Frank — formerly named Mack — had a literal frown on his face when he was staying at BARC Animal Shelter in Baltimore.

At the beginning of August, a shelter worker posted a photo of the English bulldog on the website Reddit, saying he was available for adoption.

People instantly fell in love with Mack’s sad face. Hundreds of comments poured in — from people saying he looked like a Disney character to others saying his eyes were begging for love.

Seven days later, the same user updated everyone, saying Mack had officially been adopted. They posted a side-by-side comparison of Frank, with the first sad photo and another one where he is clearly happier and smiling — even his eyes look wider!

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On August 2, 2017, a Reddit user posted a photo of an English bulldog dog named Mack who’d been at the BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore. He quickly caught the attention of people because of his sad frown and lowered ears.

“This little guy waiting for his new family to pick him up,” the user wrote.

Mack had thousands of people from all over the world rooting for his happy ending. His soon-to-be owners had no idea he was so popular online — until they were told.

Mack’s owner — who renamed him Frank because their other dog is named Max — answered questions for fans of “Frank the Tank,” saying they had no clue about his internet fame but wanted to continue giving people updates about the English bulldog.

We adopted him from a shelter in Baltimore, we are firm believers in adopting not shopping,” his owner writes on Reddit.

The original person who uploaded the photo of the English bulldog looking sad posted an updated version of the pup: happy and smiling, now that he has found a forever home a week after the first photo.

The transformation from one photo to the next is absolutely astounding. He almost looks like a completely different dog now — he has an infectious smile!

Frank’s owners were being begged by the online community to start an Instagram account for the dog so they could follow his new life. After a few days, they agreed.

Frank’s owners posted this photo of the English bulldog with his big brother, Max. They say that the two dogs are already best friends!

Frank’s Instagram account already has over 11,000 followers since his owners uploaded his first photo on August 9, 2017. His owners say that he’s “all smiles” now that he has a forever home.

This photo was taken when the English bulldog’s owners had just taken him home and out for his first walk in his new neighborhood.

“Frank had his first walk outside of the neighborhood today!! he did so good and got lots of love,” his owners write.

Frank and his owners have received so much love in real life but also online. Many users have thanked Frank’s owners for adopting him and transforming his sad face into a bright smile.

This Instagram user thanked Frank’s owners for adopting him because the sad photo of the English bulldog broke their heart.

Then there’s this user, who was pleased to see how much Frank’s owners cared about him and helped changed his life completely by adopting.

Frank’s owner says he’s always smiling now that he’s out of the shelter and in a loving home!

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