Freshpet Dog Food Becomes ‘Fountain Of Youth’ For 14-Year-Old Senior Dog

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For most people, pets are not just animals – they’re companions and, ultimately, a part of the family. And in this day and age, our families eat healthier, fresher foods, so why shouldn’t our dogs and cats, too?

However, when it comes to feeding them, many people may not realize the effects food has on their pets. That was the case for pet parent Liz Vellali. When she noticed her 14-year-old cocker spaniel Honeybelle quit eating, she was afraid her beloved dog didn’t have a lot of time left. She struggled to decide whether the changes in her senior pet were just normal aging or a more serious problem.

“She looked lethargic and only wanted to be hand-fed. I was afraid I was going to have to feed her table food for the rest of her life,” Liz said.

She refused to give up on her beloved dog though and began to search for answers. Knowing how fresh, wholesome foods have been known to heal people, she set out to find a dog food that’s like people food. That’s when she found Freshpet.

Just days after switching to Freshpet dog food, Honeybelle regained her appetite. Chowing down on healthy meals like chicken with peas, carrots and brown rice, the pup started to reap many more health benefits and suddenly had the energy to act like a young pup again.

“The turnaround was amazing. Within days she was eating like a champ, running around like a puppy. She has lost weight, her eyes are bright, [and] her coat is shiny,” Liz gushed.

Liz was amazed by Honeybelle’s fast recovery and couldn’t believe how by just simply changing her dog’s diet, she was able to get her pet back when she thought all was lost.

Now, she hopes her story will help all dog parents realize the incredible health benefits of feeding Freshpet food with all natural ingredients. To learn more about the benefits of eating a Freshpet diet, follow @Freshpet on Twitter or Facebook and find it in a store near you.

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To see Honeybelle’s transformation story, watch the video below.

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