Family Films French Bulldog Puppy, Then She Opens Her Mouth And Makes The Strangest Noise

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Puppies are never not precious.

They’re so playful and silly. Everything they do is both filmable and photographable, just like this sweet golden puppy who doesn’t understand the concept of ramps.

They’re also still figuring out their bodies, so every step they take or bark they make is a bit comical.

This is the case for the sweet pup down below who loves to greet her family in her own special way.

Chili the French bulldog puppy was diagnosed with advanced spinal arthritis at only 6 months old, but it hasn’t stopped her from totally loving life. In fact, she loves to sing as a way to say hello to her owners — how cute is that?

Putting her little lips together, she lets out a melodic high-pitched howl that sort of sounds like she’s practicing her vibrato.

Whether the doggy knows she’s singing or not, her little howl sounds so joyful and carefree, I can’t imagine she’s not having a blast, despite her arthritis.

That’s the thing about dogs: Regardless of their circumstances, they can still be so joyful and excited to be around the people or fellow pups they love.

The Frenchie and her silly little sound will seriously make your day a little brighter — check her out down below.

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