French Bulldog Can’t Seem To Get Rid Of A Giant Ant, So He Resorts To One Last Tactic

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Dogs are super persistent creatures.

Though some may write them off as simple and flighty, they can actually be pretty determined in the right circumstances.

Their tunnel vision is undeniable when it comes to affection for their humans — owners with super loyal, clingy pups definitely know this.

They’re also incredibly focused when it comes to playtime.

If they want to play fetch, they will stop at nothing to keep the game going — even if it means trying to play with an inanimate object.

They will also get totally focused if they’re on the hunt in any capacity, whether they are trying to track down a fellow fuzzy animal or a teeny tiny bug.

The French bulldog in the clip below definitely becomes obsessed with its prey after noticing a little ant crawling across the floor.

As much as the wrinkly dog tries to claw and bite at the teeny tiny intruder, the ant keeps on surviving.

But the Frenchie isn’t just going to take it lying down — so the pawing, clawing, and jowl flopping increases until the bug is vanquished.

This dog could have a future in exterminating, though he may have to find a new way to obliterate his foe.

Check out the clip down below. Dog lovers will definitely sympathize with the doggy’s obsession over a bug.

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