French Bulldog Bites Onto The The Back Of A Skateboard In The Park, Then He Jumps On

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

We love dogs because they are fluffy, adorable, and loyal. But you have to hand it to them: They can be very smart, too.

Dogs can be taught to do so many things, ranging from rolling over to assisting people as service dogs.

They can even be taught to do cool acrobatics like this doggie.

But the cute pup in the video below is definitely one of the most talented canines I’ve ever seen. 

Eroc the French bulldog can do more than you standard sit, stay, and fetch — he can skateboard.

The clip shows off Eroc’s impressive skills on the board. He can ride swiftly on top of it without tumbling off!

What’s more, he doesn’t need any help from his owner to get started, he can just bite the back of the board, run to get it going, then jump on.

I seriously don’t even know that many people who can balance on a board without falling off, let alone ride one around the park. 

The Frenchie apparently has quite the online following and does plenty of cool skateboard stunts on his Instagram, @erocdog. 

Check him out below as he wows the crowds in the park with his tricks and talent.

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