French Bulldog Hilariously Battles A Doorstop

by Allyson Souza
Ally is a born-and-bred Jersey Girl who studied English and Journalism at Rutgers University. In her free time, she spends too much money on food, continues the endless search for her next favorite book, and fails to use her gym membership on a daily basis. She comes from a huge, crazy family that sells Fish & Chips for a living and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Anyone who’s ever had a puppy knows how cute it is when they’re confused. The little head tilt, the excited jumping back and forth — it’s adorable to watch! One person it isn’t quite as funny for would be the puppy involved. He’s just looking for some answers!

Now, there are a lot of things that confuse puppies. And, to be honest, they’re usually very basic things that your puppy has walked by a million times without even noticing. But when they do finally pay a little bit of attention? They need to investigate, of course. It could be something as common as a mirror that starts to drive your pup crazy, and who could blame them? It doesn’t make a ton of sense for someone who looks the exact same way for his entire life to check his reflection. It’s a total waste of time. Then there’s the treadmill, which is definitely trickier than a mirror. All the same, this adorable puppy seems to have mastered it. I’ve never, ever in my entire life seen someone attack a treadmill with so much bounce. It’s a must-see!

For Carlos the French bulldog, it’s a doorstop that gets right under his skin. Is it a toy? Is it a weapon? He finds ways to use it as both, and he couldn’t be any cuter while doing it!

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