Wife Goes Into Labor On Highway, But When Husband Calls 911, They Don’t Answer

by Mauricio Castillo
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A few years down the line, when Eva Pratt tells the story of her birth, I’m sure she will probably mention the freeway!

You see, her parents, Lucas and Tabitha, found themselves in the most dire situation on the freeway in Escondido, California.

Although her contractions were still pretty far apart, Tabitha agreed with her husband that they should go to the hospital early.

Just to be safe.

Only after five minutes on the road, Tabitha realized the shocking truth: She couldn’t wait anymore. She had to have the baby right then and there!

“Uh, no you’re not!” Lucas recalls telling her in the video below.

He tried to motivate his wife, telling her to hold on just a little longer, but to no avail.

Instead, he parked on a wide shoulder of the freeway, and found himself trying to comfort and help his wife through labor while cars zoomed past them!

To make matters worse, they tried calling 911 and the call kept dropping!

Ultimately, Lucas, who works in physical therapy, had to deliver his own baby.

“I’m going to be listed as the dad and delivering doctor,” he jokes.

Amazingly, Lucas helped his wife every step of the way until finally baby Eva — all 9.5 pounds of her — was born!

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