Fire Department Frees Cat From Sewer Grate Using Dish Soap

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

We’ve all heard of firemen saving cats stuck up in trees before, but this story takes the trope to harrowing new levels!

Fortunately, firefighters are always on call to solve many different kinds of catastrophes.

When they are not heroically extinguishing flames or saving lives, they can also be found maintaining the environment and even posing with some forrest friends along the way.

But they are also around to save many a furry friend, whether it’s dogs, cats, or even deer.

The Massachusetts Winchendon Fire Department made a particularly amazing animal save when they found a cat who was stuck in the sewer grate. 

The way in which the poor cat was stuck had the crew clamoring for a way to free her before she suffocated.

But thanks to some quick thinking and one simple household staple, they were able to free the kitty and continue on their way.

Check out photos of the poor caught cat below.

[H/T: Huffington Post]


The Massachusetts Winchendon Fire Department was shocked when they responded to an alert and found a poor cat stuck in the one of the small holes in the sewer grate — dangling by her neck!

It is suspected that the poor 1-year-old feline snuck into the sewer, then got caught when she tried to get out again, proving that curiosity — almost — did kill the cat.

Two of the crew members lifted the grate and propped it to the side so the cat could breathe while they pondered how they could help to get her furry head out.

But when the cat’s owner arrived on the scene, they asked if they could bring out something unexpected to help the fastened feline — dish soap!

“We applied it around the cat’s neck, we slowly worked his head back into the grate, and within a couple minutes, we freed the cat,” the department wrote on Facebook

Once freed, the cat was returned to her owner and the crew got to feel good knowing that they have saved a struggling animal who needed them in a pinch!

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