Colleen Perry Directs A Dance Project For Kids With Down Syndrome Called ‘Free 2 Be Me’

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

Too often, people are discriminated because of their differences, rather than celebrated for them.

There are some social experiments that try to prove otherwise, which is great. But the sad truth is that the world can be cruel.

Colleen Perry wanted to take a step in the right direction and create something for those kids who might not always have the same opportunities.

Perry has decided to direct a new and inspiring dance project called Free 2 Be Me for children who may not have ever gotten the chance to perform in such a beautiful community of kids. Although they might not all have the athletic ability of most dance classrooms, their ability to express themselves is what will never fade, and Perry knows exactly how to showcase that.

This will bring tears to your eyes, for more reasons than one. But by the end of this video, I hope that you will have a warmer heart and a happier outlook. This project is absolutely inspiring. It makes me feel good knowing that people are taking time out of their days to do this for those in need of some extra love.

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