Frankie Muniz Of ‘Malcolm In The Middle’ Now Owns An Adorable Olive Oil Shop In Arizona

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Frankie Muniz of Malcolm in the Middle fame is living The Life. Well, at least if you consider “abandoning Hollywood to sell craft olive oil with your life partner” to be The Life, which — it sounds pretty great to me!

Frankie and his partner, Paige Price, purchased the shop in Scottsdale, Arizona, last year. The previous owner had put it up for sale, and the couple was already familiar with the store.

“We had been customers at the store before and we just knew we liked the product and we wanted to do something together,” Frankie told the Arizona Republic“Now, it’s become our lives.”

That’s no exaggeration. Like any business owners, Frankie and Paige work long hours at the shop.

“We’re not just ordering product and putting it on the shelf,” he explained. Instead, they bottle and label all their products in-house.

Most excitingly: You could, in theory, totally go buy fancy olive oil or vinegar from Frankie Muniz himself. The store is called Outrageous Olive Oils & Vinegars, and I hear the oils are delicious.

Frankie Muniz is now 32 years old, but he’ll forever be most famous as his 13-year-old self. That’s when he starred as the main character on Malcolm in the Middle.


Frankie hasn’t exactly retired from Hollywood; he now cohosts Dancing With the Stars Juniors on ABC.

He also has a new, unexpected job: He owns and runs an olive oil and vinegar shop with his fiancée Paige Price.

Outrageous Olive Oils & Vinegars is in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona. It carries premium olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars.

The couple bought the shop in 2018 when the previous owner decided to sell it after nine years of business.

Now Frankie and Paige are both hands-on business owners, ordering product and sealing bottles themselves.

“My day this morning started at 6 a.m. getting up to go to Restaurant Depot to get products that we needed. Then I got here early to start filling bottles and to make sure all the shelves were stocked,” Frankie told the Arizona Republic.

“We’re not just ordering product and putting it on the shelf. We bottle everything. We label the bottles. We seal everything. We do all that ourselves here in store. It’s a lot of work, but it’s really rewarding when people come in and rave about the product.”

Frankie and Paige are both first-time retail store owners. The new venture has helped the engaged couple to collaborate and balance their strengths.

“I think in the end, we cancel out each other’s weaknesses,” Paige said.

“Where Frankie might not be on top of something, I’m on top of it. Or if I’m not on top of something, Frankie always has my back.”

Paige handles the inventory, social media, and shop website. Meanwhile, Frankie works on the numbers side of things.

“I love doing payroll. I love doing anything with the financials. I’m a numbers guy, so this has been like a dream come true for me,” Frankie explained.

The business is small — they have only two employees at the moment — so the couple does a large share of the work themselves.

“We live and breathe this store right now. It’s the only thing we have time for. But we love it,” Frankie said.

So how fancy is this fancy olive oil, hmm?

Well, the shop sells “ultra premium extra virgin olive oil” that is apparently “the highest-standard olive oil in the world.” In other words: very fancy. It also sells fancy vinegar, honey, truffle oil, sweets, and other products.

“The whole point of our stores is to get really high-end, good product in the consumers’ hands,” Frankie said.

The olive oils are supplied by an Oakland-based company, and the olives themselves are sourced from everywhere from Italy to California to South Africa. They often change the source of the product to ensure that they get the “freshest olive oil there is.”

“A lot of people go, ‘Oh, I only want Italian olive oil or olive oil from Greece.’ The more important questions are: How was it made and when was it made?” Frankie said.

First of all, when did my dude Malcolm learn so much about olive oil production?!

Second of all, this shop looks cute as heck. Arizona residents, you already know what to do.