Groom Thinks His Kids Won’t Be At His Wedding, But Has No Clue They’re In The Back Of His Car

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

In May, 2012, Frank was gearing up for his wedding. But this wasn’t his first rodeo, as Frank had two sons from a previous relationship.

Frank was under the impression that his kids were not going to be able to make it for his wedding day. His sons were living in Arizona, and his wedding was in Michigan. Frank was heartbroken, but he understood that the distance and rising costs of plane tickets made things particularly difficult.

Little did Frank know that a very special surprise had been in the works for nearly two months. His sons were secretly flown in the night before the wedding and were about to surprise him just hours before the ceremony.

Pulling up with Frank’s boys in the backseat of their car, Jason lures Frank outside. “You gotta check out what I got,” he tells him, giving Frank the impression he brought over some wedding supplies he found.

But the second Frank peers into the back, he sees his precious sons — and he starts sobbing right there in the street.

“I can’t believe I’m looking at my kids right now, I haven’t seen them in so long,” he cries.

It’s such a priceless moment that viewers have flooded the YouTube video with comments of praise, such as, “This video cost me a box of Kleenex,” and, “That’s a father who loves his boys!”

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Note: This video contains some strong language.

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