There’s No One To Go To Woman’s Funeral, So Strangers Showed Up To Give Her A Proper Memorial

by Emerald Pellot
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Francine Stein passed away in a nursing home at 83 years old. Her rabbi couldn’t believe it when he discovered no one would be attending her funeral. In disbelief, he shared the situation with his daughter Ora Weinbach.

“I thought, ‘Somebody should be there,'” Ora said. The teen, still in high school, posted a message on her Facebook page asking people, total strangers to Stein, to attend the funeral.

“People started sharing it,” Ora told Inside Edition. “Someone shared that share, somebody else shared that share and it just spread.”

Stunningly, 30 people attended Stein’s funeral service at the Temple Israel Cemetery in New Jersey, many didn’t even know her name. The family wanted to ensure that Stein’s funeral fit the Jewish tradition, which required 10 men to recite a prayer.

“The men came to make sure there could be a proper Jewish burial,” Ora said. “To me, that made the presence of the women even more special.”

After the tearful cemetery, it was discovered that Stein did have loved ones who would have attended — they just didn’t know she had died.

For whichever reason, the nursing home, New Monsey Park, where Stein had lived for a decade until 2014 — a place where many of her friends were — never got notification of her passing.

“She would’ve been disappointed no one would’ve turned up,” said Gwen Curry, an administration at her old nursing home. “But these people opened their hearts. She would’ve been happy that they took the time out of their day. That’s a wonderful thing.”

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