It Looks Like An Ordinary House — But When Realtors Walk In, They Discover A 1970s Time Capsule

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

There’s something nice about taking a peek into the past. It’s like stepping out of the world for a moment and looking into a time long gone.

If you’re a fan of the fashions of old,  or just like taking a little mental vacation into the past, it can be a lot of fun.

However, do you think you can handle actually living in the past?

If you think you can, then there’s a 1970s dream home in Framingham, Massachusetts, for you.

We’ve seen some pretty impressive time-capsule houses before, like the one in California that’s a sleek and colorful Mid-Century Modern dream from the 1950s.

This one, though, has the darker, earthier feel of the ’70s, along with some unexpected pops of color for extra style.

It isn’t a recreation: The original owner did all the decor, according to realtor Matthew Cuddy, and has kept everything in tip-top shape since then.

It’s also big: 14 rooms and five bathrooms, a master suite with its own sitting room, a back deck and a pool. Talk about swanky!

And you know what’s the best thing about living in a time capsule house? You can still have all the conveniences of the 21st century while appreciating the style of the past. It’s a win-win!

[H/T: My Modern Met]

From the outside, this large white house in Framingham, Massachusetts, looks pretty ordinary.

But inside, it’s a little time capsule of some seriously neat 1970s style.

The house is full of color, with each room meticulously decorated by the original owner.

Every room, from the living rooms to the kitchen and bedrooms and even the bathrooms, have their own color scheme, like this sitting room in blue and yellow.

The dining room has a casual, almost beach-like feel with blues and greens and lots of simple lines.

And we’re impressed that the upholstery has held up so well after 40-something years!

Leading into the dining room is a serving room that contrasts bold patterns with equally bold solids.

Meanwhile, the kitchen is a vintage-lover’s dream in yellow and lime green. Everything matches, down to the cabinets.

That lemon-lime color scheme spills over into the breakfast room, where casual family meals can be enjoyed at the matching table.

The family room features a lava-orange shag carpet, because what ’70s home would be complete without one? It adds some brightness against the dark-paneled walls.

And check out those curtains!

There’s also a table and a bar, making it a perfect place for casual gatherings. These days, it would be great for a theme party.

The master suite includes its own sitting room, like a private living room. This one is done up in plaid.

Some of that plaid then carries over into the bedroom itself, which is full of angles, windows, and mirrors for a geometric layout. The deep blue and sandy gold give it a desert vibe.

It also comes with a built-in dressing area.

The other bedrooms are also all decorated with their own design and color schemes. This warm-toned bedroom features a lot of earthy zigzag patterns.

And this one is full of springtime colors and cute accents.

In case you were wondering, the bathrooms weren’t overlooked, either. This one features a blue-tiled wall and a light, airy feeling.

But if you want a party bathroom, this is the one you’ll want to check out.

The backyard is also pretty great and party-ready, with a private deck overlooking a pool.

And it’s a pretty nice pool! It would be so great to sit here and take in the sunshine — in a ’70s style bathing suit, of course.

Could you live in 1970s style? Would yo go all out, or maybe just keep a few accents of the decade? Or do you have another time period in mind for your dream house?

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