Fox Is Orphaned As A Baby, So Large Dog Steps In To Become His Surrogate Mother

by Nicoletta Richardson

There isn’t just one type of friendship.

Like the saying goes, you can’t always pick who you love, whether it’s a romantic or platonic relationship. Sometimes you gravitate toward someone who could not be any more different than you (like this cat and bunny who formed an inseparable bond), while other times you’re inclined to hang out with someone who could be your long-lost twin.

And sometimes, it can be a combination of both.

When Oscar the baby fox was rescued and introduced to Dublin, a German shepherd, not only did he gain a best friend, he also gained a surrogate mother, a unique situation that couldn’t have worked out more perfectly. And since both foxes and German shepherds have extremely energetic natures, these two hit it off without a hitch from the get-go.

“It’s weird to see a wild animal like a fox and a domesticated dog, you know, kind of have that friendship and get along,” said Jordyn Blackmon, a fan of the fox-dog friendship. She also pointed out that Oscar doesn’t even notice he’s “different from the group.”

And what shared hobby brings the two very different animals even closer together? A good game of hide-and-seek.

Allison Hedgecoth, Dublin and Oscar’s owner, said: “Oscar loves to bury his prized toys. He’ll run and he’ll bury it, like a fox in the wild would, and then Dublin loves to come up behind him, dig the toy up, and run off with it.”

See this dynamic duo play back and forth in the video below. And please SHARE if you love how both their similarities and differences have brought them together!

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