Fox Anchor Shares Photo Of Homemade Queso Dip On Twitter, Gets Mocked Mercilessly By The Public

by Amy Paige
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Dana Perino hosts The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino on Fox. When she’s not reporting on current events, she’s trying her hand at some delicious new recipes.

The recent Super Bowl was the perfect opportunity to make a side dish or two.

On Super Bowl Sunday, Dana shared a photo on Twitter. “I made queso,” she captioned the image, never thinking it would send her 1.8 million followers into a frenzy.

As you’ll see, the queso in question didn’t exactly look like it was supposed to. It sat there in the slow cooker like a greasy, sludgy, and far-too-liquified disaster.

The criticism quickly began pouring in, but Dana took the backlash in stride.

“At least tweets about my terrible queso are more entertaining than this game,” she quipped.

Determined to figure out the how and why behind the unappetizing cheese dish, Twitter users dug up Dana’s old queso recipe, which she shared online three years prior. Her ingredients? “Velveeta, Rotel, cream of mushroom soup, cream cheese, sausage, bacon, heavy cream, diced jalapeños, fresh tomato, and cilantro.”

Food expert Ali Rosen told Inside Edition that Dana’s dip wasn’t even the right color; it shouldn’t be brown and runny.

And, other than Velveeta cheese, none of the other ingredients even belong in that unlucky Crock-Pot.

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