Grieving Bride Loses 3 Loved Ones, Then A Friend Drastically Changes Her Wedding

by Emerald Pellot
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Sumer Myers has not had it easy. The day before her wedding, she had to attend her stepmother’s funeral. Within weeks, Sumer had lost her stepfather, stepmother, and stepbrother. That is a lot of pain, and a lot of grief for one person.

“I just came back in yesterday from her funeral, so to have the wedding today is just a lot to take in in one week,” Sumer told Fox 5 Las Vegas in 2015. “And to not have her here, or my stepdad, or my stepbrothers, it’s just a lot.”

She and her husband, Airman Staff Sergeant Christopher John Masters, weren’t rolling in cash either. Their wedding was to be small, inexpensive, and even a little somber, but full of love nonetheless.

Her good friend Jody Shervanick reached out to Fox 5 Surprise Squad hoping that they could gift the couple a cake on their wedding day. Boy, did she get more than she had bargained for!

Jody had no clue that the Surprise Squad was drastically changing Sumer and Christopher’s wedding. They gave Sumer a stunning makeover, then put her in a limousine (she had never been in one before).

Sumer thought they were escorting her to a small wedding, only to discover they had relocated it to Wayne Newton’s lavish mansion.

The couple was stunned. The Surprise Squad also provided a luxurious reception and gave the couple an unexpected honeymoon at a nearby hotel.

“I love how everything turned out, and I think those of us who weren’t able to be with us today were here with us in spirit,” Sumer said. “Don’t ever give up on your big day.”

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