The Genius Reason You Should Reach For Floss Before Frosting Your Cake

by Jess Catcher
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I always love finding new ways to make life even just a little bit easier. The genius kitchen hacks in the clip below do exactly that — while also making life a little yummier, too!

Chef Christopher Kimball stopped by Rachael Ray’s studio to share his amazing tips for slicing cake into layers, adding fruity ice to a punch bowl, giving stale bread a second life, and putting a new twist on traditional pancakes.

Regis Philbin also joins the chefs in the kitchen and, of course, his antics make the whole segment as entertaining as it is informative.

Christopher starts things off by showing how ordinary dental floss can help turn a single round cake into two separate layers. Just make sure you’re not using flavored floss to do the trick — that is, unless you’d like a dash of minty freshness in your cake!

Christopher slides the waxy string right through the middle of the sweet treat. As he holds it in place for the chef, Regis lets a slightly saucy zinger slip. Rachael hilariously reminds the former Live host that she runs a family-friendly show.

Obviously, that doesn’t do much to stop Regis from getting in a few more quips as they work their way through the rest of the incredible hacks!

Take a look to learn more of Christopher’s brilliant kitchen tricks.

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Thumbnail Source: Wikimedia Commons / Stan Zurek

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