Woman Adopted As A Baby Finds Dad Online 55 Years Later, Then He Reveals She Has A Twin Sister

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Robin Deyton of Clover, South Carolina, was adopted as a young girl. Until recently, she didn’t know much about her birth parents.

At 55 years old, Robin decided to send her DNA to She thought the website would help her find some relatives, maybe distant cousins or interesting ancestors, but she was shocked when they told her they’d actually found her biological father.

Robin was completely stunned. She reached out to her biological father via email, asking him “Do you think that could possibly be?”

Robin’s father emailed back asking Robin where her mother had worked and if she had a twin sister in an attempt to verify the information. He had no idea that Robin’s mother had placed her, and her twin sister, for adoption when they were young.

Amazingly, this was also the first time Robin had ever heard about her twin sister.

Robin finally met up with her birth father, and said hugging him was “this instant connection.” Before meeting, he sent her a beautiful Easter basket to make up “for all the Easters [he’d] missed.”

Robin is excited and thankful to have her father in her life. She wants to share her “two beautiful daughters” with their biological grandfather, and hopes that together they can locate her twin sister.

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