Fan Nearly Struck By Foul Ball Finds It Landed In Her Beer And Becomes Internet Sensation

by Amy Paige
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A 23-year-old Padres fan named Gabby DiMarco was in attendance at the Padres vs. Braves game, enjoying an ice cold beer and cheering for her favorite team.

Out of nowhere, a foul ball struck by Braves batter Ender Inciarte whizzed past her face, nearly striking her in the process.

Gabby didn’t try to catch the foul ball — but much to her surprise, she looked down into her beer and saw the ball had landed right inside her cup!

The crowd went wild as Gabby’s lucky catch was displayed on the JumboTron. She said she felt like she won the lottery.

That’s when the crowd began chanting for her to chug the lucky beer… an action that made her an instant viral sensation.

The Padres baseball team caught the amazing moment on video, which you’ll see in the clip below. Just amazing!

Footage provided by KSWB San Diego

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