Mom Adopts 5 Siblings From 5 Separate Foster Homes Just To Bring Them Together

by Emerald Pellot
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Loushanda Battle is one of those people who can light up a room with her smile and infectious laughter. Perhaps the only thing bigger than her smile is her heart.

Although Loushanda already had three kids of her own, for her, it was a no-brainer to adopt her 6-year-old son, Jacarri.

Loushanda was raised by her grandmother, Jean Bridgford, who always had a home full of foster children. When Bridgford passed away, Loushanda knew she had big shoes to fill.

As a school bus driver, Loushanda saw so many children without loving homes firsthand.

“I drive a school bus, drop kids off at group homes. It brings me to tears almost. I don’t want anyone to be without a mom or a dad,” she told Fox 9.

The mother got a call from the city saying that Jacarri had siblings, aged 1, 2, 4 and 5 years old. They were scattered in foster homes. Once again, it was another no-brainer.

Loushanda decided to adopt them all.

“As long as I’m willing and capable,” she says. “I love kids. I will keep taking kids. It’s changed a lot in my life — some good and some bad. But I would take five more if I had a big enough space. I would. I love kids.”

Now, the number inside the home will double from four to eight, but Loushanda insists that she still wants more — she may just have to get a bigger house first.

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