Former UFC Champion Ties Mom’s Dog To Car In Airport Parking Garage And Abandons Her

by Olivia Jakiel
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What kind of monster would do such a thing to a poor, innocent animal?!

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship champion and (as I am formally declaring him) scum of the earth Frank Shamrock is in major hot water with, I don’t know, EVERYONE after he admitted to tying his mom’s dog to his truck in an airport parking garage in Dallas and leaving her for over five days.

Frank says he tried to “find a home” for Zelda, his mother’s 7-year-old chocolate Lab, by posting a message on Facebook, but he couldn’t find someone in time. “Please help!” he wrote. “Anyone in Dallas, Texas that can help with this dog? My mom has to give her dogs away as she can’t care for them anymore.” You see, the man absolutely had to catch his flight, so he did the obviously logical thing and left the poor pup tied up and alone (insert eye roll here).

Frank spoke to a Dallas TV station about the matter, claiming that he called every no-kill shelter “within 200 miles” to see if someone would take her, and apparently, not ONE shelter said it would.

“No one wants a 6 1/2-, 7-year-old guard dog with a goofy hip,” he said.

Sounds fake, but OK.

He also claimed that he left food and water for Zelda and “alerted security” about the situation, which makes absolutely NO sense because she was left for FIVE days. “It was an unfortunate and terrible thing, and, you know, I’m an animal lover,” he told the TV station.

Sounds extremely fishy to me! No one let this guy near another animal again, please and thank you.

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