Pregnant Nanny Shares Photos Of Daughter, Boss Looks Closer And Sees Her Own Son Instead

by Amy Paige
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In August 2018, Ashley Bemis made headlines for allegedly pretending to have a firefighter husband working to clear the Holy Fire that ravaged Southern California.

She used her social media accounts to seek donations of emergency supplies, but she was reportedly capitalizing off the kindness of strangers.

It’s a pretty crazy story — but now there’s a lot more to it.

Back in 2010, a woman named Emily hired Ashley to be the nanny to her 3-month-old son, Blake. Not long into the job, Ashley told Emily she was pregnant. Ashley would excitedly show Emily her ultrasounds and make phone calls to her obstetrician in front of her.

But one day, from a distance, Emily swore she saw Ashley pull a pillow out from under her shirt, causing her giant baby bump to instantly disappear.

Emily grew suspicious and started doing some online research. She came across a Facebook profile for Ashley’s so-called daughter, a little girl named Cheyenne. On the page, Ashley claimed Cheyenne had a heart condition and needed financial assistance.

Get this: Emily took a closer look at the infant’s face and made a chilling realization: Cheyenne was actually her own son Blake, dressed in girl’s clothes!

The story behind the false profile was filled with troubling details, which you’ll hear below.

Emily fired Ashley and filed a restraining order. But even after the firing, Ashley continued lying. Fortunately, she has since publicly admitted her history of faking pregnancies and pretending other parent’s children were her own. She says she was seeking attention and the desire to feel she had a purpose in life.

In the video below, Emily — and two more victims — confront Ashley face-to-face and give her the opportunity to explain herself.

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