15-Year-Old Girl Is About To Be Forced Into Marriage Until Stranger Overhears The Evil Plot

by Amy Paige
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In the polygamy sect, men often marry multiple women and young girls are often forced to marry older men.

It’s a normal way of life, despite the fact polygamy is illegal in all 50 states.

Countless women involved in the sect have spoken publicly to expose its harsh realities. Many of these women wish someone would have helped them escape during any window of opportunity.

In the video below, a polygamous family visits a restaurant outside Colorado City. The Jones family includes Frank and his three wives, plus a 15-year-old girl named Susan.

The Jones family is celebrating a “special occasion” as Susan is about to become the man’s fourth wife the following day.

It’s clear from the moment she sits down at the table that she’s terrified and wants nothing to do with the forced marriage. What the other diners don’t know is that it’s actually a social experiment created by the hidden camera show “What Would You Do?” and no child was in harm’s way… though it certainly appeared that way.

One by one, the other patrons begin to notice something is very wrong at the Jones’s table and that Susan is in danger. “In this country we have rights,” one concerned customer says to Frank. “She doesn’t need to know that,” Frank replies.

Most of the diners stare in shock and want to move their tables away from the family, but no one really comes to Susan’s aid to help her escape the situation.

But wait until you see what a woman does at the end of the experiment.

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