Youth Football Team Lifts Overturned Car To Free Couple Trapped Inside

by Angela Andaloro

A youth football team from Idaho had to put their teamwork skills to the test earlier this week when they stumbled upon an overturned car on the drive home from their championship game.

The Idaho Statesman reports that the Boise Black Knights, most of whom are 13 and 14, were en route home from their San Jose, California, tournament Tuesday when they witnessed an SUV flip in front of one of their vans.

Orlando Clay, one of the players’ dads, was driving the van directly behind the accident. He pulled over and assessed the situation and, after determining that it wasn’t too grisly, told six of the team’s offensive linemen to give him a hand in freeing the two people trapped within the vehicle.

First, they helped free a 65-year-old man from the passenger’s seat. Once he was safe and sound, the team got to work freeing his female companion, also 65, who was trapped in the driver’s seat by her seat belt.

Orlando and the linemen tried pushing the car off the woman themselves but weren’t able to free her. It was only when a van full of 12 other Black Knights pulled up to help 30 minutes later that they were able to collectively lift the vehicle and get the woman to safety.

“We literally thought there was nothing we could do. It looked like she was crushed,” Orlando told the Statesman. “It was surreal. [When she was free], it was a bunch of hugs.”

The Black Knights may have had an 11-0 season, but this amazing rescue was easily the team’s biggest feat to date. See the incredible footage of these young men in action…

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