Opposing High School Football Teams Devise Play To Let Senior With Down Syndrome Score Touchdown

by Olivia Jakiel
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High school football games are something to be remembered — for both the crowd and the players — and this incredible show of sportsmanship between two opposing Alabama teams is guaranteed to be ingrained in everyone’s memory for decades to come.

Just before halftime, Cold Springs senior Chris Myers, who happens to have Down syndrome, completed a 50-yard run against Vinemont and scored a touchdown. Both teams orchestrated the play a week in advance. Chris received the ball on a snap and then ran with both teams following him to the end zone. Both teams celebrated Chris’ victorious touchdown, congratulating him and cheering him on as the crowd roared and rose to their feet.

A video of the play was posted by the Cullman Times, gaining over 46,000 views at the time of this publication, as well as over 1,000 likes and nearly 100 comments.

The post reads: “In an act of sportsmanship, Cold Springs senior Chris Myers scores a touchdown before halftime against Vinemont. The teams agreed to an untimed snap for Myers, who has Down syndrome.”

One user commented: “Very impressed with Vinemont High School. Saw them do a similar situation last basketball season with a Fairview student. There are some really good things being taught & role modeled at VHS! Good job!” Another said: “So great! Thanks to Vinemont for their great sportsmanship!!! A night that Chris will never forget.”

We couldn’t agree more!

To see the amazing display of sportsmanship (and Chris’ touchdown!), check out the video below.

Footage provided by WHNT Huntsville

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