Skim A Kitchen Torch Along Cooked Ears Of Corn For Just The Right Amount Of Char

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

You might not realize it, but your kitchen is full of foods you can torch to give them a little something extra!

We all know that you need a culinary torch on hand to pull off the perfect, old-fashioned Baked Alaska or crème brûlée.

However, lots of folks have no idea that the kitchen torch is more than a one-trick pony. You can actually use these versatile kitchen tools for a whole range of delicious recipes!

Say, for example, you want to make a batch of these mouthwatering steak skewers, brought to us by Hostess Next Door Vanessa Cantave, but your grill is on the fritz.

You can make the skewers inside, either by baking or broiling, and then give them a bit of yummy, summery char — with a cooking torch!

Same goes for dozens of other summertime staples.

If you have pepper that need blistering, marshmallows that need toasting, or cheese that needs melting, a torch is your very best friend.

In fact, any recipe that tastes better a little bit scorched (like summer veggies or meat) will benefit.

On the sweet side, other foods you can torch include frosted cupcakes and anything sugarcoated. With a little bit of heat, you can caramelize almost anything!

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