4-Year-Old Daughter Throws Tantrum At Mealtime, So Mom Transforms Her Lunch

by Emerald Pellot
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Sarah Gonzalez was tired of her daughter getting fussy during mealtime. Mom wanted a way to entice her 4-year-old picky eater to eat.

“She would complain and throw temper tantrums over everything I offered her,” Gonzales said in an interview last year. “I started researching different ways to encourage her to eat better and that is where I discovered the world of creative food!”

The mom uses creative cutting techniques and food coloring to create the stunning works of art.

“[My daughter] refused to eat celery,” Gonzalez said. “When I presented it to her before the start of my fun lunches she would not eat it. Then I made a lunch with a cute little panda and some thinly cut celery that was positioned to look like bamboo. She ate every piece of that celery on her plate and asked for more, no questions or complaints!”

Sarah has no formal art training. The mom just thinks of ways to create the fun meals beforehand.

She shares the images on her Instagram and reveals which foods make up each item. It’s so hard to tell what each thing is because her work is so good. A shark almost looks like it is inedible, but Sarah reveals it to be a peanut butter and jelly sandwich dyed with food coloring.

“This new way of presenting food to my children has brought them so much joy and excitement with the added benefit of them eating healthier,” she said. “I would love for other people to discover it and share it with the children in their own lives.”

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