He Folds A Fitted Sheet In 30 Seconds – This Is Amazing!

by Julie Roberts
Julie lives in greater New York with her husband and dog. Cooking, gardening, traveling, and being as active as possible are some of her favorite hobbies. She is not a big fan of TV - except maybe The Food Network.

Folding those fitted sheets! Have you ever tried it? Isn’t it the most annoying thing in the history of the world!

Making sure your sheets are clean and beautiful is something we’ve looked into, and folding a duvet is a trick that we’ve finally figured out, but those fitted sheets never get easier. I really think they were invented by a mad scientist, or at least someone with a very morbid sense of humor. I’ve seen my mother almost rip a fitted sheet to threads before!

But thanks to this video, not only will you be able to fold your fitted sheets from now on, you’ll be able to fold them in less than a minute!

No anger attack required!

Now that’s what I call a life hack that I can actually use!

If you’re one of the laundry warriors who have ever fought with a fitted sheet, you need to watch this immediately!

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